Brass bars

Mundomet, we are specialist in casting, marketing and distribution of non ferrous casting metals products and plastic products for more than 20 years. Company with international reference in the sector of manufacture and sale of brass rods. Discover on our website our large stock and solutions that we provide both to the domestic market to the international, where you will find a wide variety of laminates of brass in the form of strips, sheets and disks in order to meet the needs of our clients, for industrial manufacturing (sanitation, heating, plumbing, Gas, swimming pool and irrigation) or for the production of gift items and decorative objects.

We also supply to sectors such as automotive, construction and even companies in the tertiary sector. Our experience and quality, recognized in the industry, allows us to advise our clients in selecting the material they need depending on the application that they will perform.

The team of Mundomet are at your disposal, formed by a large group of professionals that take care of our products and materials during the entire process, from casting, storage, sale and distribution of metals which we work. We have our own warehouse for distribution of rolls, bars and profiles from brass in quantities and delivery times adjusted to the needs of our customers. Our facilities at Lliçà de Vall 30 minutes from Barcelona, facilitate us the distribution of our products, always at very competitive prices meeting the demands and requirements of a market that is as powerful as the metallurgical sector.

Buy brass bars

Buy brass bars for turned parts and hot stamping. We offer brass in the following formats: Strip, rods, tubes, plates and discs. Available in round, rectangular and hexagonal hollow. Request more information without obligation by filling out the following form and we will contact you shortly. Remember to indicate your inquiry, the amount requested as well as the format and the unit of measurement (cm, mm or m). You can also contact us on the phone: +34 93 843 96 04

Stock of Brass Bars:

  • Brass bars for machining
  • CW614N-CW617N-CW608N-CW602N in round, hexagonal and square tubes from 2 to 160 mm
  • Brass rods for stamping
  • CW617N-CW612N-CW602N in round, hexagonal and square tubes from 10 to 160 mm
  • Brass bars for machining and stamping with low lead
  • CW509L-CW510L-CW511L
  • Brass bars pierced
  • CW614N-CW617N
  • Brass tubes
  • Brass ingots
MundoMet - Brass Bars

What are brass bars?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc (from a 5 to a 45% zinc) and, sometimes, other metals such as lead, Tin, manganese, silicon or nickel that stands out for its ability to warp in cold and excellent machinability. It is a non-ferric metal, metallic yellow color and can be magnetic. The variation of the zinc content gives rise to a range of materials with a wide range of features.

Brass is called to the alloy between copper and Zinc with more than 50% of copper by weight. It is recognized his higher resistance to corrosion in particularly aggressive environments. It is easy to work whit, die cutting, melting, very ductile and very resistant to oxidation and also resistant to the saline conditions. Its density is usually between 8, 4g / cm3 and 8, 7 g / cm3.

Brass has numerous applications:

  • Valves (faucets)
  • Manufacture of musical instruments (trumpets, trombones...)
  • Locksmith (padlocks, keys...)
  • Automotive (valves, thermostats...) Mechanical watchmaking
  • Production of costume jewellery
  • Heat exchangers
  • Ornamentation (lamps)

In Mundomet produce wires, tapes, pipes, profiles, sheets and bars of brass.